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Maintaining accurate reporting and tracking performance is a time and resource intensive task for real estate companies. Making use of data is a missed opportunity for most.

Trivium Real Estate eliminates the headache by giving property companies the tools they need to manage their data and make it smarter, so that they can make better decisions, faster.

Maintaining accurate reporting and tracking performance is a time and resource intensive task for real estate companies. Making use of data is a missed opportunity for most.

Trivium Real Estate eliminates the headache by giving property companies the tools they need to manage their data and make it smarter, so that they can make better decisions, faster.

The Concept

Property data today represents the worst of an analogue real estate culture.

At Trivium Real Estate, we are challenging the way property data is used and understood. Our cloud-based software helps real estate companies process information faster and analyse their investments more effectively.

The Team

Trivium was founded by Peter and Charles, two former real estate professionals who were passionate about their jobs but experienced similar pain points and bottlenecks day in and day out due to recurring data issues. Our mission is to change the way property data is handled today. We want to help real estate companies save both time and resources by improving data accuracy and accessibility thereby enabling them to make better decisions, faster.

Peter Bredthauer


Peter has spent his entire career working in real estate investment and asset management. He spent six years at the real estate private equity firm Tristan Capital Partners in progressive roles, working across several different European jurisdictions and a variety of property sectors on deals with a core-plus to opportunistic investment profile.

He obtained an undergraduate and post-graduate degree in Business (Dipl.-Kfm.) at the University of Bayreuth. After his studies in Germany, he graduated from the University of Reading with an MSc in Real Estate Finance and Investment.

He is a German citizen and speaks German, English and Spanish.

Matthew Eric Bassett


Matthew Eric has nearly fifteen years experience delivering commercial software. He first cut his teeth on data science problems in 2010 when he led the earliest data science group in the film industry at Universal Pictures. Under his leadership, that group succeeded in improving box office revenues or cutting costs associated to a number of different films, allowing the team to expand to television and home entertainment. Soon after, Matthew Eric's startup, Gower Street Analytics, transformed Hollywood by helping studios make data-driven commercial decisions via a suite of software to simulate product release strategies in response to audiences' viewing habits. He serves on multiple academic and governmental boards advising on strategy and research for big data and machine learning. Matthew holds an MSci in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics and a Ph.D. (ABD) in Number Theory.

Philip Hazelden

Sen. Software Engineer

Phil is a data and software engineer with five years' industrial experience. He combines a world-class mathematical education with a keen insight into the particulars of data- and statistics- driven software. He previously worked as a data scientist for NBCUniversal, where he developed complex statistical simulations to assess different product release strategies. Phil has a past life as an amateur game developer, and holds an MMath from Warwick University.

Alex Wellbelove

Software/Data Engineer

Alex is a machine learning and data engineer as well as an enthusiast for functional programming. He first learnt data science at CERN, using big data technologies to look for ``signatures`` of new particles in terabytes of experimental data. His data science background compliments his software engineering experience: he's written Full Stack web applications as well as statistical software in C++ and has previously held a position as a Software Developer with IBM. Alex holds an MSc in Experimental Particle Physics.

Charles Williams


Charles was previously an Associate Director working across Investments, Asset Management and Operations at Tristan Capital Partners (2011-16). It was in improving operational efficiency at Tristan that Charles came to truly understand the fundamental pain points of the industry and how best to tackle them.

Charles spent four years studying Real Estate Finance at the University of Cambridge. After receiving his M.A. (Hons) in the Land Economy undergraduate degree, he pursued further study and obtained the Cambridge MPhil in Real Estate Finance.

He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) charter holder. Charles is also a holder of the Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF). He has a keen interest in innovative technologies.

Rajiv Bose

Lead Front-End Engineer

As an experienced Software Engineer, Rajiv has gained a wealth of professional experience working across a number of business sectors including but not limited to: technology consultancies, fasion-retail, social networking, social-care tech, and blue-chip hardware R&D. He has spent his post-academic career providing technical and managerial leadership to cutting edge Front-End software engineering teams in both high-tech startups and established firms. Rajiv holds a B.Eng. in Electronic Engineering and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering.

Nick Field

Front-End Engineer

While beginning his career as a sound engineer, Nick's journey to web software development has taken him through a variety of roles, including as a service specialist with Apple, that have given him an acute sense of empathy for clients and end-users. These days Nick is passionate about using web technologies to provide a great user experience, and works on developing interfaces to help people take advantage of their data. His post-university education has given him a firm grounding on software engineering and functional programming, which he has used to benefit clients from a number of different industries. Nick holds a BA in Creative Music Technology and has completed an intense training course for Full-Stack Web Development from Founders & Coders.

Frankie Jeffryes

Business Analyst

Before joining Trivium, Frankie completed a mathematics dissertation in partial differential equations. She has studied object-oriented programming and software engineering techniques related to statistical simulations and numeric analysis. Her skillset has grown rapidly, and she has a demonstrated proficiency in QA engineering, database design, and data science as well as an understanding of commercial real estate data. Frankie previously worked as a Chalet Manager and chef and holds an MMath from the University of Sussex.


We are passionate about what we do and ambitious in our goals. We are committed to learning and challenging the way we do things today, so that we can do them better tomorrow. Trivium Real Estate aspires to create an environment that empowers people so that they can inspire each other and unlock their full potential.

Currently there are no vacancies with us, but we are always keen to hear from talented individuals, so please contact us.

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